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hankies 11" x 12" $15
bandanas 18" x 18" $25
scarves 20" x 20" $35

Bandanas & Hankies

Pink Knit Not

A perfect shade of pink.   Thank you Mimi.  Is it knit or is it not? 

Pink Horse Sizes


Blue Knit Not

The inspiration for digital knitting comes in many colors...indigo blue

Blue Knit Not Sizes


Cars - California

My daughter has her father’s ability to draw. He has a 1937 Ariel motorcycle that she loves and can draw! She also likes VW bugs and she is from California. She has created her own license plate in her design. She puts all proceeds from her sales into her savings account.



Just a Pig and a Flower

Ah just a pig and a the old days they used a nose gay to hide from odd smells. Sprinkle a little lavender oil on before you tie the hankie around your wrist or onto your bag and you will have a non wilting nose gay.




The text reads, "A centuries old herbalists remedy to ward off women's chatter...the noble radish".  My husband was quite engrossed, reading a book about the history of British food, but I wanted to talk...he read from the book the quote above.  Having a good sense of humor I laughed. Many wives would have scoffed. So here is a scarf for all those who actually think they can get women to stop chatting. Ha Ha Ha! 



Purple Knit Not

Inspired by hand work classes. I created a knit with my keyboard knitting needles.

Purple Knit Not Sizes


Lions at Play

My daughter was home with the “just a pig and a flower” bug and spent the day roaring it away designing lions at play 

Lions at Play Sizes


Pink Horse

 Run away with the horses.   A little western 'umpa for all.   

Pink Horse sizes


Blue Horse

 Blue Horse, a more traditional plaid but a very different horse!

Blue Horse sizes


Penguins for All

 Inspired by the greatest divers around and who wouldn't want a little bit of penguin with them every day!

Come find us at the California Academy of Sciences!

Penguin sizes


Orange Horse

 Orange Horse, part of the horse collection.

Orange Horse sizes


Blow Bubbles

While I was visiting friends in London I was chatting to a girlfriend about life’s little imperfections. She said just float them off into a pink bubble up to the sky. Wow, that worked. Wave them away with the bubbles hankie.



Claude the Albino Alligator

 You can also find this bandana at the California Academy of Sciences.

Alligator sizes