Our Story

We’re a mother daughter team.

little ‘umpa designs grew from a strong desire to make sustainable products that my daughter could use for school. The word ‘umpa, which means Acorn in the Native American Miwok language, fit the need for providing a healthy lunch and providing a healthy future to the next generation. From little 'umpas, mighty oaks can grow. Being a native San Franciscan and looking to the land that sustains me, I give thanks to the California Miwoks and their stewardship of the earth.

Observing the little 'umpas in our school at play and watching my adult friends out and about, I found a need for a handkerchief that could be tied around a wrist for sneezing into, tied onto a bag or used as a napkin for lunch! The bandana size can easily be a head scarf, a neck warmer, or a quick costume any time. No sleeves, no disposable paper, no wasted resources.

Organic, quick-drying fabric was hard to come by with cute patterns. It was time to make my own! Being a family of artists, my daughter was quick to contribute her drawings and ideas. Please see her “Cars- California” design on the hankie page. More designs of hers to come! A family affair.

little ‘umpa designs, organic textiles and lifewear for everyday. We'll grow new designs, products and ideas along with you. Join our mailing list and send your thoughts and ideas to me at. victoria@littleumpa.com.

About the Designer: After earning an art degree in Washington, studying in London, blowing glass in Seattle, and making art in Virginia, I returned to San Francisco and found myself drawn to film production. Motherhood directed me back to my roots - creating. A return to school in textile design resulted in this venture, one I am proud to share.

Little 'umpa is a labor of love sustained by family, friends, teachers, students, and most of all, you.

Those who inspire the growth of this little acorn include .....

Victoria C. CEO
Leslie M. COO
Mimi G. CMO
Christina W. CFF